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About Saudi Factory for Plastic Products

Our factory has a wide spread and is the preferred provider for many companies and institutions in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to quality, competitive prices, speed of communication, supply and excellent customer service
In order to provide the best product with the highest international technology, we established our factory located in Dawadmi area .. 205 square meters with a design characterized by simplicity and sophistication to keep pace with our policy, which is the establishment of a national entity characterized by accuracy in all security construction to the choice of staff and production lines and commitment to all standards of safety and occupational health and Industrial Security, so we were able, thanks to God, to provide a my Logistics is at the highest level.
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What distinguishes us

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(Saudi Factory for Plastic Products Company) aims to become the leading company in the manufacture of plastic products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.


  • (Saudi Factory for Plastic Products Company) is committed to providing a high level of services and products in accordance with international quality standards
  • (Saudi Plastic Products Factory Company) is keen on satisfying its customers.
  • (Saudi Factory for Plastic Products Company) believes that the development of the company is related to its human resources.
  • The Saudi Factory for Plastic Products Company attests to its good resources, material and human resources, of its ability to keep pace with the era of globalization and rapid progress in the field of manufacturing plastic products.
  • (Saudi Factory for Plastic Products) encourages its customers to obtain the highest levels of material and moral satisfaction and logistical support.
  • (Saudi Factory for Plastic Products) encourages its employees to obtain the highest positions and leadership, according to their qualifications and rational administrative policy

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We work with our customers daily at Saudia factory to help create smart and unique solutions. Every company is different so it is important that we listen to the needs of our customers; To understand their goals and objectives. That is why we can create unique, smart and tailor-made solutions for them.